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Monday, January 18, 2010

7 Reasons why girls are better politicians

Women seems to be ruling the roost in world politics.The last baston of male dominance seems to be going away and women are all set to dominate the world.So in this world of democracy ..we set to find out,why women are better politicians than males.And heres the list of top 7 reasons.

So just for fun here is it all :

1)Open Ended Answers:A politicain never gives a definite answer..remeber how the party rounded off the guilt of the corrupt politicain...a girl doesnt even know how to answer straight...remember how you had to work with your crytographer friend to decode her no :P

2)Horse Trading:Politics is a game of need to switch sides and swith them really fast.The girl you loved who eloped with your friend when he became a multi millionire..can you beat them at the game

3)Preceptions:Politics is a game of preceptions.Its your preception and not your work that wins you elections.Oh yes the whole world thinks your wife manages the house while its your poor soul that cooks the meal and then sleeps on d couch every night :)

4)Emotions:Playing on the emotions is a politicains favourite play.Remeber how Modi won gujrat and how your gf gets you to do all she wants...u need more explanations

5)Atitude:Politics is a game of right atitudes...of being snooty yet open ..of being devil yet playing angel...the girl next door..makes you feel like a beggar while the case should be the reverse :P

6)Time Managment:Its been 8 years and the babus at south block have still not decided between Boeing and took her 3 days ..20 traffic jams and 25 km of local market walk to buy that pair of jeans

And this is the best

7)Power:The social servant changed the party for the position of CM....if your gf doesnt control you..she'll change you :)

DISCLAIMER:All views expressed are just for fun and may or may not represent the personal views of the author and contributors :P

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