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Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Whats so NEW abt it?

Its January and most of us must have just finished an annual ritual of new year parties,resolutions and remembering all good and bad that happened in the previous year.While all of us celebrate with ecstasy waiting for something new ,the subtle irony that everything would remain the same is all but evident.The yeo be 2009 was a "dud",2010 is going to be same ,theres hardly "new" I expect about it...
Do we expect our Netas and babus to start working in the shabby buildings they call government offices or do we expect the countrymen to be united once again irrespective of cast ,colour or religion.We do not expect Barclays and Deutsches of the day to stop giving their honchos less salaries than 100 times the salariesof average worker.Neither do we expect the West and the East to unite....the developed realizing the under developed is also populated by humans.Or do we expect Obama to win another nobel for making his speeches lees insultive.Afghanistan is certainly not going to become US or Iraq going to become the eace maker.Perhaps we are expecting Russia to become really democratic.Yes perhaps the newness lies in the fact that our Earth might become warmer by 1 or 2 degree centigrades.Or the tiger might get extinct from India.Perhaps all the awe is about another war about to start or a financial bubble about to burst.The Clash of Civilisations waiting to erupt is certainly going to make the new year more exciting.There are a few things that might bid us adieu in this decade.We might never see the Amazon rain forests or the numerous flora and fauna.The seven wonders might be gone...maybe humans could be gone after third world war in 2019
So this is all the newness all about it.I was wrong calls for a celebration isnt it..Cheers :)

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