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Monday, May 18, 2009

Dance Of Democracy or Dynastic Politics

So we have just concluded the biggest democratic exercise in the world.Yes the Indian General Electoins 2009 have come to an end with the results announced this appropriate time for me to return to blogging.Before we move on to analyze Elections 2009 and its implications for India let me point out some statistics for the massive just concluded exercise:

714 million eligible voters

60% average turnout

6700 candidates for 542 seats

Looking at the above facts we can all appreciate the massive exercise that these elections were and their smooth conducts is just another piece of evidence regarding the strength of Indian democracy....and this is where the rosy parts over..Now lets analyse the results of elections 2009..

If you are an Indian citizen chances are you must be dipped in the hysteria that the media or the Congress mouthpieces have created all over the country.Congress has given one of its best performance in decades..crossing the 200 seat mark after a long time...and yes the Indian stock markets and whos who of India Inc gave it a thumbs up with a 2000 point rally at BSE Sensex...for many believe that the end of so called coalation era will bring in more stability and faster reforms back in the country..and yes they couldnt be more right..For whoever comes to power between BJP or Congress.,one thing is clear ..the governance and politics would be much better and professional than the government run at pity of castists or so called followers of Marx and Lenin.(PS:I am a big fan of communism but our leaders just dont understand whats it all about)

So a government with almost absolute majority with one of worlds best economist heading far so good .But as I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts,these elections will determine whether we can succesfully tide over current global crisis and if we would become a world leader and superpower in this century.

To achieve all above we certainly need a party with absolute majority butalso we need men with capability and ideology to achieve it and looking around Congress is certainly not the party to do so.Congress certainly has some excellent politicians who can feel the pulse of people and bring forth the issues that can garner tha maximum votes..but thats it..they lack the conviction ,capabilty and dedication to resolve those issues.Infact looking historicaly Congress has always been a party that has been able to mobalize the masses ..project a friendly face but do nothing more...Lal Bahadur Shastri spoke of "kisan"(peasant) and "jawan"(soldier) but didnt do anything..Indira Gandhi was able to create a preception of people friendly party with slogans like "Garibi Hatao" etc but is responsible for more than quarters today's problems from suitcase caste politics..and more than anything she killed the very essence of Indian Democracy by making Congress something which could be willed as a Nehru Gandhi asset..Congress had tonnes of capable people ..yet rajiv had to become the PM because he had that Gandhi name with him and similarly when Congress began losing ground to BJP..Mrs Gandhi had to come and bring back the Congress into a single piece and now we are talking of Rahul Gandhi as the most capable person present in India to lead the country..Really its a pity with toones of IIT..IIM passouts..brilliants of bright college grads..and dedicated youth so burning with desire to reform the country and lead it into the new millenium..a billion plus people could only find Rahul Gandhi...i question his very capability of becoming a cabinet minister..let alone leading the country....Yes,the only qualification he has is that he seems to be member of Nehru Gandhi family.The problem with us Indians is that we have become so used to being ruled ..first by Moghuls..then Bristishers and now Gandhis ..that we just cant appreciate the idea of democracy or perhaps the fact that we have the power to govern our selves....we always look for an icon satiate our desires to live in the era of yore and have smbdy lead us and make our lives miserable...

So we are back to dynasty politics and it might take us ages before we get out of it..No I am not exagerating..look around you ..Sri Lanka blah blah..there are tonnes of examples.

Besides dynastic politics what other things make Congress a bad choice?Well leaders..years of infighting and being led by a single family has left congress without any has a lot of "chamchas" who wont dare to call Mrs Gandhi anything else than Madam even in their dreams..people who desire to enjoy power and everything that comes with it by chanting the names of Gandhi scion and his mother like vedic hymns...When I look arounf I hardly find any person capable of matching the NDA leaders..people of callibre like Jaitley or Arun Shourie ..Narendra Modi..Sushma Swaraj..Murli Maohar Joshi...the list is just endless..

Thirdly in this transition times we need a leader capable of taking strong decisions ..not a person capable of buying time..Dr Manmohan Singh..with all due respect to him is certainly an economist par excellence and a much better human being but does all that make a good prime miinster..Were Roosevalt or Churchills excellent academicains or Nobel the job doesnt require that ..we need a person with nerves of steel and backing his own decision and no I am not referring to Mr Advani..hes no better than Dr Singh..Yes I am referring to Mr Modi..killer..castist..dats wat all of you are saying..maybe you are correct but look at Gujrat and the development he has been able to do there..the charisma he has been able to create among the youth..hes certainly the best capable person of leading India..anyways I'll discuss all this in my next post.

Fourthly lets see at Congress' performance during the past 5 years and compare it with NDA govt earlier.Remember both had to deal with nusicance of colation members..but while one was led by the charismatic Vajpayee the other by one of the "chamchas" of nehru gandhi family..the so called rubber stamp..While NDA sucessfully won Kargil ..was able to implement golden quadrilateral project..went ahead with tax reforms and bring resolution of Indo CHina and Indo Pak matters closer and sucessfuly foster the relations in BRIC countries ..the only notable achievment of Congress was the right to Information Act...besides that it was able to put fwd a lot of schemes to plese the popular masses to reaffirm their belief that Congress is "aam admi" party but BJP is "lala party"..Congress is Secular but BJP communist...yes it strategised well and is reaping the awards but preceptions are hardly true..the teorists have the preception that they are doing Islam good by killing infidels..but is that true.

So clearly looking at above..I really cant understand what the cheer is all about,Are all Indians just puppets of Congress Mouthpieces showing rahul as the new age youth leader or Indo Nuclear deal as the historic moment...Politics is all about preceptoin and nobody understands it better than congress..they can play cheap politics and killd democracy ..use article 383 when they like and appoint a president who can never be anything more than a rubber stamp..

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