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Monday, May 25, 2009

Are the bulls back in action

Since the fatefull have continued to rally with incrediblt the strength..what began as a bear market rally has shown parlleled by only that of Bull has broken up all the barriers as a bullet flying past thin glass panes...even the bearishst of analysts who professed on the cnbc's and other business channels of the day ..that the rally is nothing more than skeptical of what they are speaking.
The basic rule of a trader who is trading in the markets is that you never argue with the price..for the price is the price and the momentum of the market is the place where you place your bets on..anybody who bets against his horses or thinks he can get better of the markets by detecting tops or bottoms is sucessful in only even if the macroeconomic picture doesnt look so rosy..even if I said in my earlier posts that this time around economy would have to revive frst and stok market later..even for the wildes reason any sucker could give you..i would just say this BULLS seem to be back :)

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