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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dance of Democracy 2

So we are racing ahead in time.As elections are coming closer.we see the dance party stronger..the lions ,tigers and mice are all coming out of their hiding places to dance to the tunes of power.Shame is becoming shameless and power more addictful than ever.

The week so far has shown that we might be on a way of a strong hung assembly and at the mercy of the Mayawatis and Sharad Pawars of the day.Strange thing about India is we have leaders but no body to lead..every person thinks he is capable of leading the nation..nobody wants to be a follower.Following is just so much out of fashion.PEople like Sharad power are already affirming their long known desire of becoming the PM and playing the king maker should the need so arise

So we have seen all sorts of drama in this musical till now.A gandhi scion trying to follow his fathers footsteps and invoking hindu wrath for muslims and then in typical bollywood style accusing tapes to be doctored.We saw the old dance for power when Sharad YAdav invoked the MArath CM thinng..and ofcourse howcan we forget the power plays going on everywhere....congress was known to fall to lowest level possible to grab power but gues what "the party with difference" is no different now...for the first time perhaops  the party of indifference..its aligning itself with every possible coalation to grab power.For the first time perhaps BJP would be fighting elections without an ideological framework to satisfy the whims of an old guard who can lift the weights in a gym to shw that he is "youthful" and can lead the country in 21st century.

So as we see we are almost complete with the backstage preperation of this have ben allocated..bookies made candidates...infighting started..price of MP's decided and soon we would have the real thing started keep following this column to know more abt this greatest drama enacted evcery five years on earth......for fact is much more stranger than fiction....

Happy electioning :)

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