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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dance Of Democracy-1

Its March and we are just a breath away from the biggest democratic exercise in the world-the Indian General Election.More than 700 million voters would exercise their right to franchise in this general election to choose a government that would sail the country out of murky global waters in the next 5 years.These could well be the historic elections that would define the destiny of many of those who are reading this blog.We are in times of change and how effective leadership we choose at this point would determine our future for the next century.With US gradually slipping into depressin I find more similarity in this time with the time of WW 2 when Britain was finally overthrown as the world leader by US.So can India or China do what US did about 60 years ago..time will tell.

Important as they are,the dance of democracy has already started.We are living in an era of crony politics where everything from election comissoins to voters can be bought or sold.The appointment of Naveen Chawla as the CEC for admnistering the current elections is nothing more than the murder of our democratic ideals and rape of the indian polity and constitution.Sure enough Congress has never hidden its contempt for democracy.It has shrouded itself in dynastic politics for a long time.Names are given more importance than talent.Right from election of Indira to rajiv and then entry of Sonia ..congress has mocked at the Indian voter.The emergency..and frequent use of president's rule by congress for petty political gains has already put us atleast 50 years back..and now Congress does another low by appointing a pro Congress officer to rig General Elections 2009 in its favour.Were 50 years of rule not enough for the Gandhi-Nehru family that they had to do this to offer a perfect platform for their scion--Rahul.

The problem is not that Naveen chawla..who has been in controversy for being pro congress throughout his career,could rig the elections but the fact that such an election could set a bad precedent for future with governments manipulting ,the once prestigious and neutral election comssion for electoral gains.The results could be disastorous..with eventual weakening of democratic ideals.Infact Election comission was one of the last bapstons in which Indian public entrusted their faith after faliure of judicial and executive systems of the state.If seeing judges being bribed on national television was not enough we now have an open manipulation of election comssion.

Logic defies the fact that why did the government decide to continue with Chawla after the majopr opposition party as wella s the current CEC raised hue and cry over his neutrality .Even if we give Chawla the ebnefit of doubt ,still the indian eections are worth much more than the career of a beuraucrate shrouded in controversy.

Well as I said the dance of democracy has started..and still much more awaits us.Faxt is stranger than fiction and you see this no better than here..welcome to Indian Democracy.Politicians,criminals,industrialists,moey bags,government officials have all started dancing to the tune of power..nay they are intoxicated..the question can the Indian public despite all odds see this dance/and deliver a government which not only uphoalds our moral and democratic ideals but would be able to not only pull us but the word out of the murky waters where we sail now.If we cant ,we dont ahve any right to crib as we always do..

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