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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shoba De and Economics

This Sunday morning as I picked up my copy of TOI ..after a cursory glance at the front and business pages(like hinid news channels their are only select newspapers which produce journalism worth mentioning today)and then turned to my faviourite page..the editorial.For all its flaws I admired TOI for its edits with some of best and most respected Indian personalities writing in it.And guess what TOI disappointed me even on this front..for what I saw on the page was nothing more than a hilarious joke on the intelligence of TOI readers...Shoba De,the self proclaimed socialite and author,whose works include nothing more than sex and relationships had decided to give "gyan" to Indian junta on interim budget and current economic crisis.
After muttering some thoughts ,I proceeded to read the article..and guess what Ms De didnt disappoint me.What followed was a foolish writeup on interim budget with sexist statements and double meanings to entertain the reader.
Consider "and Mr Mukherjee failed to pull it up .......and tried to show he can do it again.."
I think if TOI needed someone to comment on interim budget ,it shouldnt have been facing such a crisis call that it had to resort to Ms De.
Anyways I am not against her style of writing but the opinions,the are naive and foolish.She talks about money not doled out in budget,how can it be ,in a democratic setup it would be foolish to tie the new government with policies of old.For it would be difficult and expensive for any new government to take away the tax sops or do a U turn in public policy and if it doesnt that might just be against a public mandate..and to top it up all foreign investors fear any U turns in policy..such actions just push down the markets (remember how markets reacted when UPA -Left combine were to assume power in 2004..fearing a U turns in reforms initiated by NDA regime).Infact Ms De I think that UPA had done a brilliant job by fine balancing the fiscal need s of the country and at the same time mantaining the status quo and respecting our democratic iderals
So next time TOI needs a budgetry write might invite Mr Bachan or Mr Rushdie..after all TOI readers are naive and foolish ready to be led up ...atleast this is how TOI feels

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