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Sunday, February 22, 2009

"the other way"

All right so I have finally made a blog and forced many of my friends to read it (yeah no body has read it till date of his own free will).I have got some terrible feedback and probably I wont like to write it over here...for I dont want to scare the pretty souls who have come here with "great expectations".Anyways one question thats constantly being asked is why "the other way"

Well to be honest I am not a person who likes to move with the flow,I have my own reasons and take a stand based on what my reasons say and not what the popular stand is.So u might just find me advocating reservation (ofcourse after I am done with all my admission process..:) )or saying socialism is better than free markets (if that statement moves the markets down and I am well short of it )and blah blah blah....Anyways jokes apart,whenever I tried writing for so called neutral magazines and newspapers my articles and letters were trimmed down ,content sacrificed at the altar of editorial predjudice., here i present to the world my mouthpiece which is completely uncensored and highly predjudiced...i would try to use this forum to speak my heart out and show to the world the other side of coin (nay coins) ,try to force you to think (if you are not foolish like me) beyond the conventional....and so i present to you "the other way" a blog with a lot of contrarian calls (fools join me,intelligent shun me) happy blogging..happy reading

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