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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

true words

Nobody dies a fucks you anyway.Blah fucks ,nobody seems to get what he deserves atleast me."I am the chosen one" so does everybody feel,chosen to suffer the wrath of god,continue to be fucked and be the scapegoat

At the moment in my life I feel as if I am a heay downward momentum.As a trader I know hw millions end their journey at wall street ,when all u have to do is to go with the trend.In a similar fashion whenever I think that this is the bottom..things cant be worse than this ,comes another downward spike and I feel as if I was having my golden period before it

Why am I writing it all over here..and most importantly why am I whining before the world I dont know..but perhaps all I write in my blog over views on politics,socio economic systems and blah blah blah will be heavily influenced by my fucked up before you read it ,you should know you are reading a loser

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