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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Kejriwal for Dummies

Three events in post independent India would be recorded in history as turning points

1)Nathuram Godse killing Gandhi in 1948 and thereby laying the foundation of a deadly partition

2)Indira Gandhi killed by her bodyguards in 1983 and thereby strengthening Indian democracy

3)Rajiv Gandhi's assassination in 1991 thereby paving way for Narismah Rao to takeover

Recent events of the day with Arvind Kejriwal,the anti corruption crusade forming a new political party and taking Sonia Gandhi and family heads on  seem to suggest we might see a possible addition in the list above.There seems to be a confusion around Kejriwal. There is a section which credits him and Anna for bringing a second mass movement since JP.There is a second section that dismissed Arvind as yet another bureaucrat fiddling his hands with politics and power and there is a third section which chooses to just wait and watch as the scene unravails. Whatever be the case one thing is clear:love him ,hate him but you cant ignore him

So what is the Kejriwal movement all about.It is certainly not a mass movement as that of Gandhi or JP,for it is still supported by mostly elite middle class,the people glued to their i pads and blackberrys. The poor in India are too ignorant to be drawn in a movement which has corruption as its foundation.Most have accepted corruption as a way of life .A poor mans day in India starts and ends when he is able to fend for himself and his family a two square meal.He does not have the time and energy  and vision to fight for any cause beyond that.The upper class in India is the one that benefits the most from the business of corruption and hence is the most disruptive of kejrwals movement

On political front,Kejriwal ha a long way to go.He might catch a frame or two on prime time by taking on Vadra by neck or accusation on Congress and their buddy parties but remember we live in a nation where public memory is absurdly short,news media is fully controlled (paid) and last but not the least,the heavens of political parties is decided by a peasant sweating in the sun or a potter  working in the dark :all far away from social media,blogs and unable to read a few headlines that Kejriwal captures now and then.

Politics in India is similar to distribution.You sell only when you are available.It would take Kejriwal years before his workers reach those grass root villages which decide the fate of those 543 people that make laws in India.Kejrawal does not have those financial resources required to work that mammoth organisation;he does not have that reach to make his cause ring the ears of people that vote.He has a good product in anti corruption crusade but sadly lacks the distribution network to sell it.

So is Kejrawal just another bubble like Megha Patkaror Ramdev. Certainly not.Kejrawal has a larger role to play in Indias future than that of a political or mass leader.He would bring the winds of change,the dissatisfaction among people that would lead to formation of a second Indian republic.The next general elections would most probably produce a hung parliament giving powers in hands of Mulayams and Laloos of the day.Incompetence marked with unwillingness would mark the gradual decline of governance in Indian state.Couple this with increasing inflation (which is impossible to contain because we are billion plus people each expecting a better living style) and decreasing wages.Imagine a scenario when India's sovereign rating is educed to junk grade in next five years.FII's and FDI's start pulling out money from India. Suddenly you find an army of unemployed youth along with farmers struggling to recover from a bad monsoon.There is discontent all around and in this discontent Kejrawals lights the sparks of anti corruption crusade with a small grounds force he has built by that time. Isnt this the seeds of revolution.Youth marching and taking control of south block.Nullifying the constitution and laying the foundations of second Indian republic with 360 degree administrative political and judicial reforms.Or maybe a general like VK Singh..playing on popular discontent calling a marshal rule in the state

For good or bad..we cant say but Mr Kejriwal you have a role to play in our future.You would be our next Mangal Pandey but what remains to be seen is whether this third battle of Independence would be won by people of this country or not


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