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Monday, May 14, 2012

Stateless Coup

Last week after getting an oppurtunity to finally get back to civilization ,I got a chance to see the latest Hollywood flick "Avengers".One of the characters there remarks "Humans are designed to be ruled.Freedom just makes them sad...".The statement is so profound that it actually makes you think.While there are numerous examples to prove this,the biggest that comes to my mind is the existence of state itself.

We humans feel comfortable being ruled for we shy away from taking decisions and risks.From the pheros of Egypt and dictators of world war II to the concept of liberal democracies today,it seems that the theme has always remained the same and only intensity has changed.The rulers of yore or the liberal democracies of today are all funded by rich and powerful of the day.The state has existed over time for the protection of rich and powerful under the shroud of a completely opposite pretext

While some of you reading this blog might already be murmuring the word extremist or senseless  to themselves but a closer analysis shows that state actually slows down progress and development and there is no reason for its existence

If you have read Darwins theory of evolution,you would know that survival of the fittest is the rule of existence and its precisely this rule that helps human race to develop at fastest pace.Insecurity and uncertainty although disliked always brings out the best in us humans.

The free markets and their success vis a vis state owned capitalism (called socialism by some ) has clearly proved this point.After Independence,we approached the policy framework with a mistrust towards the private sector.This resulted in a tainted political system with a bureaucracy which is more harmful to the country than the Britishers could even have imagined than themselves to be

Over the last few years ,the Indian state has strategically transferred many of its duties to private companies,resulting not opnly in better services but even lower costs.For example the privatisation of mobile phone industry has resulted in expansion of communication to rural India.Similarly,the privatisation of highways,electercity,airways has hugely increased the availabilities to common consumer.It is perhaps appropriate time for the citizens to demand the ceasure of existance of state and transfer duties to private players

As CK Prahlad argues in his world famous "Fortune at bottom of pyramid" organisations would strive to reach to poor and rural areas to increase their profits,taking the burden away from the satate.Under the current system,the State is nothing more than organised mafia with "tax" being the traditional "hafta" and police force being states "gunda raj".

An obvious question that springs is..Would a free market dominated stateless society be able to ensure liberty and protection of its citizens.However if we look at the performance of police and other protection agencies of the state,we would conclude that they mostly act as licenced preperators of terror in society protecting rich and wealthy.The situation has generated so much that people have even stopped reporting crimes in police stations.A far better solution  would be private defence companies providing detective and security service to communities and individuals.The tax savings from non existance of state can be used to finance such objectives.

The human spirit is enterprenual in nature and hence would always spring with surprises to serve poor and increase profits even in recessionary times.A gradual pullout by state and increased private participation would help make all necessary items at right prices to various sections of society.

Would a private organisation have allowed tons of food to rot while customers die due to famine or would asecurity company allow  its customers to be robbed when they pay for that security itself and there are bunch of firms competing to get the same contract

"I f you really want to help a poor person,teach him how to fish rather than giving him one".Perhaps the ceasure of existance of state is the true definition of human freedom.

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