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Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Similarities between MARKETS and GIRLS

The previous few posts have been rather heavy and if I continue that way probably I would lose even the few faithful followers of my otherwise moronic blog :)..So just for gigs I created this post.Aall the meanings in this post are completely unintended and are just meant as an entertainer.
So here are the 10 similarities between girls and markets..the things most chased by all men

1)Both are unpredictable.You invested your life's savings when you were 100% sure markets would go up..the result you are penniless today.Just when you thought the girl liked you..she slapped you on your face and ran away with your best friend

2)Both rate high on sensitivity index.The Dow falls when Greenspan gets a cold,your gf starts crying when you forget where you first met.

3)Nobody figured out how both these things work.AIG and Lehman became bankrupt trying to figure out how derivatives many men have been slain in thieir quest to understand the FAIRER sex.

4)Both are influenced by hundreds of factors.The markets are affected by anything and everything.Try taking out a girl to buy out a pair of jeans and you will understand what I mean

5)Both are driven by emotions.Oil peaked this year when the supply was highest,she left me when I was at the altar

6)Both would make your blood pressure rise in the longer term.If you are not a girl theres no need for any explanation

7)Patience is the key for success in both markets and girls.Try being impatient and you'll be out of the markets in a few days and your girl will leave you in a few hours

8)Both can be interpreted in a million ways.A pause near the resistance zone is seen as a top by one analyst and consolidation by another.Her yes is seen as "no" by one boy and "yes" by another :)

9)Both have their own dark secrets-thousands of them.Insider trading and stock markets rule the roost in markets.Try asking the girl what she just talked about to her friend ...or your gf might know about your past,do you know about hers


10)Both will leave you when you are broke.Market doesnt give you a chance to bet without money.Remember the girl who liked you but left you for that Harvard grad :)

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