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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leaders Or Followers

The 20th century B schools and the management gurus have always focused on the need to identify and nurture quality leadership.Leadership has become a buzz word in todays world.Every B school,every corporate house and every damn country is focused on creating quality leaders for tomorrow.
However in the process of creating leaders ,changing our education system and trying to assimilate creativity and independence in each of the citizen aren't we going to run into a problem of plenty soon.A recent recruiter at my college campus remarked:
"Its becoming increasing difficult to the new age generation.Everyone is a leader...who's a team member....people are expecting to lead global team within a span of 2yrs...we are seriously looking for followers now"
The situation is not hard to see.With the increasing dominance of capitalism across the globe and the aspirations which it so characterizes becoming part of the gen next ...we are in a problem of excess of quality leadership.
There are plenty of examples all around.Look at the political scene..parties like BJP are sinking to new lows not because they dont have quality leaders but becasue they dont have quality followers.If there is one most important think which distinguishes BJP and congress is the willingness of the Congressmen to be led by the Nehru-Gandhi family.On a wider spectrum politics is becoming a dirty gane because everyone wants to lead...corporate boardrooms are increasingly becoming battleground for prestigious positions.
So what is the solution to come out of this problem.Do we simply start killing everything we did to create this breed of new generation leaders or can we ensure a system that produces just the optimum number of leaders.
Well one of the basic problems that has resulted in such a wide interest in leadership positions is the disproportionate benefits associated with leadership.CEO's make more money in a day than most workers would make in a full year...state heads have more power,and perks than simple implementers..leadership is taking a greater portion of the ie than it rightly deserves.For one,the success of any organization depends on its ability to excellently execute each of its core function.A leader is responsible for coordinating and strategist these functions.The function no doubt is important but arent we just overvaluing them.Shouldn't the importance of function be same as execution of othe key organizational function.A typical MBA grad earns in multiples of researchers salary whose technology drives the compnay.Can we allow the situation to continue.We already lost our best brains to leadership...things need to change.
There is a serious need to revalue leadership or we might find our ship sinking as the BJP is finding its....

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