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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nuke troubles

A startling reveleation by a ex DRDO scientist at an international conference have had Indians doubting about what they were so proud of ...the belief that their nation was among the few that developed and tested its nuclear arsenal and assosciated delievery systems itself.When shantaram rose to the dias and said "“I stand by what I said (that the thermonuclear test at Pokhran-II was a ‘fizzle’). I won’t say anything more before the dust settles down.”:..people started doubting not only bastards called Indian politicians but the hithertho respected personalities like Abdul Kalam and scientists like R Chidambaram.
The Indian Nuclear tests have been in spate of controversy ever since they were conducted in May 1998.While the Indian scientists claimed that they exploded devices with combined yield of 60Ktonnes.Their american counterparts claim that India couldnt have got a yield more than 20KT .And the chief suspect among all the three exploded devices is a thermonuclear device which was claimed to have a yield of 45kt.
Internationally thermonuclear technology is one of the most advanced and difficult to master and most nations including China,US and Russia have had to conduct several tests before they were satisfied with the servicabilty,design and employbilty of their devices.India on the other hand claims it sucessfuly exploded the thermonuclear device in the first test itself
Looking at the above facts and the history of DRDO to land itself in failed projects we cannot but doubt the verfy claims which form the basis of our having a credible minimum nuclear deterrent and aour ability to strike back in case of a nuclear war.Thus if the claims are indeed false,it means their lies deep imolication for Indian security and we need to rethink many policies we are carrying on with.
For beginning we are surrounded by nuclear armed nations which can be expected to use the first strike approach in case of a confrontation.An inability to strike back would massively undermine indian security and its ability to protect the borders from confrontation and hold a strong hand at international bargaining tables.
Secondly we are in a time which wouyld define which counteries would rule the world for the next century.We have already lost enough ground to China and internationally are considered a distant second or third among the counteries that could end US Hegemony.A country with untested nuclear warheads and inabilty to carry forward nuke strike s internationally only weakens our case.Even if the tests were succesful we are still far behind.China developed ICBM's with capabilty to strike at any point in the world long time back,Indian ICBM project is still gathering dust in some file at South block and to it the probabilty of "fuzzed" out thermo nuclear devices lying in our arsenal ...yo ho we are out of race already and probbaly the international powers know about it already,.Thats why we dont have the kind of international clout that we deserve.
All the above reasons make a compelling ase for going on with Pokhran 3.Time has come that India ...for so long the sleeping tiger to rise and show the world its capable of but we need to do this with our deeds rather than words.Action needs to be take to improve our crippling defence services.
It is high time that we stop dancing to the tune of western nations and start doing whats right for us.A series of nuclear tests and moving our nuclear fuel from scarcely avaliable Uranium to tritium would go a long way to strengthning our nuclear detternce if not attack capabilty.heres what I propose:
1)Change the policy framework to make India an attack capable rather than a minimum detterent nation.
2)Permit the private sectoe to enter the defence sector.Some of the most advanced warheads and millitary equipment have been developed by private companies.We must accept the fact that DRDO has failed the nation.It took them more than 25 years to develop dhruv and then also we dont have our own engine or electronics in it....private sector is far more efficient than public sectors and we have numerous examples for the same
3)Set up a time bound plan to me the armed services equipped with the latest weapon system
4)Modrernise and invest heavily on setting up spy agencies.The intelligence faliure has lead tp numerous terrorist attacks and millitary operations like Kargil etc.We need to modrernise our spy services.Remember it was FBI intelligence which helped US negotiate the Cuban missile crisis and it was again superority of western intelligence that made them victors of cold war
5)Shift pur focus from a pakistan centered nation and start competing with China ,US and other western powers.We should be comparing ourselves with the most lethal armed forces of the world and not a nation which is on a brink of being declared a "failed" state
Time has come that we wake up from our slumber sleep and immediatetly over haul our millitary capabilities or we would lose the 21st century just as we lost the 20th century
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