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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Awsome July

Over the past few months writing on this blog has been an excellent has given me a chance to route out my thoughts and processes...I have shared on this blog what I may not have in person with many people...and above all I have enjoyed each moment that I spent writing and reading this blog..(ofcourse I dont think those who read it have the same opinion).Anyways to make the blog more regular I am committing myself to write on the following topics during this month:

1)Indian Budget :A complete ANalysis

2)Cat Season 2009

3)The Clash of the titans

You would notice that there are no more articles related to trading...well I have thought about it for some time and finally decided to amntain two blogs..YES :) I am creating a new blog exclusively related to my tradings..i would be writing on it daily share with you my trades,experience and mistakes..will update u on the same

Happy Blogging :)

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